Seahawks will pick 12th

INDIANAPOLIS – The Seahawks hold the 12th pick in the first round of April’s NFL Draft after losing a coin flip with the Chiefs here this morning.

“We’ll survive with 12,” general manager John Schneider said after the flip. “We would have liked to have picked 11, but 12 is right there.”

Good players will be available with either pick, as was the case in 2007 when the 49ers got linebacker Patrick Willis at No. 11 and the Bills selected Marshawn Lynch at No. 12. Lynch, of course, was traded to the Seahawks in 2010 and has led them in rushing the past two seasons.

The Seahawks selected cornerback Marcus Trufant with the 11th pick in 2003.

The Seahawks and Chiefs each finished the 2011 season with 7-9 records, so the flip was needed to determine which team would select first.

The “flip” wasn’t your tradition heads-or-tails, call-it-in-the-air exercise because the “coin” had a Seahawks logo on one side and a Chiefs logo on the other.

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