Obama as draft choice?

Barack Obama got the Seahawks-top-draft-choice treatment today when his helicopter touched down on the team’s old practice field in Kirkland so the President could be driven to his appearance at the Boeing plant in Everett.

The Seahawks used to chopper in their first-round draft choices when headquartered at their original facility on the shores of Lake Washington in Kirkland (now the site of Carillon Point). But that practice was frowned upon after the team moved in 1986, because the Seahawks’ second Kirkland location was in a residential area on land leased from Northwest University.

That, however, did not stop former owner Ken Behring from using the second practice field as a copter pad once – during practice, and much to the chagrin of then-coach Chuck Knox.

The team moved from that second Kirkland site to its state-of-the-art headquarters on the shores of Lake Washington in Renton in 2008.

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