Tuesday cyber surfing: And still more Tez

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, Feb. 7:

While answering questions from his ESPN.com mailbag, NFC West blogger Mike Sando shares his thoughts on Cortez Kennedy’s selection to the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday: “The Mount Rushmore of Seahawks history would include Steve Largent, Kenny Easley, Kennedy and Walter Jones, in my view. Shaun Alexander deserves consideration as well, but I think those other guys were the elite of the elite in the pure ability to dominate their opponents. Easley, Kennedy and Jones played extremely physical positions, too, so their dominance was a cut above simply by the nature of their jobs. I tend to favor candidates who flat-out dominated even when two or three opponents at a time matched up against them. Kennedy fit that criteria. Kennedy’s candidacy suffered some from the Seahawks’ struggles during the 1990s. The team kept hiring offensive-minded head coaches in an effort to fix that side of the ball, going from Chuck Knox to Tom Flores to Dennis Erickson to Mike Holmgren during Kennedy’s tenure. Holmgren’s arrival in 1999 led to an 8-2 start and playoff appearance that season. Kennedy had 6.5 sacks and two interceptions that year, with three of those sacks during Holmgren’s return to Green Bay on the Monday night stage. Overall, Kennedy appeared in prime time only five times during his career. For that reason, many of the selectors rarely saw him play. One key to Kennedy’s enshrinement was making sure the selectors had the relevant facts and testimonials before them. Presenting Kennedy was straightforward. His credentials made it so.”

Here at Seahawks.com, we check in with Steve Largent, the Seahawks’ original Hall of Famer, for his thoughts on Cortez Kennedy joining him in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: “I think entering the Hall of Fame does change your life,” Largent said, before quickly adding, “Not in respect to priorities or anything like that. But just in terms of externally, you’re on a higher profile as a player. And also, you realize you’re joining a very limited and unique club of people and that there is a camaraderie you have with those men that really goes beyond anything I’ve ever been involved in before.”

We also take another look at the Seahawks’ Week 5 victory over the Giants in our “Monday metatarsal musings” after they won the Super Bowl on Sunday. Says veteran cornerback Marcus Trufant: “It was just one of those things that shows during the season it’s not about one game, you’ve got to put a whole season together. Sure, we beat them earlier in the season. But they put together a run and they just kept making it happen. So it’s not about one game during the season. It’s about putting all the games together and coming away with a good season.”

Had enough Super Bowl coverage? Hope not, because here’s Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” (Yes, it’s Tuesday, but this wasn’t posted when we went surfing Monday morning).

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