Monday cyber surfing: Still more Tez

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, Feb. 6:

Scott Johnson at the Everett Herald takes a walk down memory lane in the wake of Cortez Kennedy being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday: “And so when I first heard the news Saturday that Kennedy had finally been granted entrance to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, I put aside my journalist suit and broke into a short celebration. Anyone who got to know Kennedy over the years, even a little bit, had to be ecstatic when the Seahawks great was honored as one of the greatest to ever play the game.”

Here at, we check in with Dave Wyman and Paul Moyer for their thoughts on Cortez Kennedy being voted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday: “But while watching all of this unfold – and all the blocking schemes he collapsed – did those around him realize they were watching a player who would end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame? ‘That’s a great question, because while you’re there you really don’t get that feeling much,’ Dave Wyman, who played middle linebacker during Kennedy’s first three seasons, said Saturday shortly after hearing that Kennedy had been elected to the Hall. ‘But I would say with Tez, he was one of the rare guys where you did know that he was something special. It’s the cream of the cream of the crop. I always tell the story that you’re the state shot put champion and player of the year and all these things in high school. Then you’re an All-American in college. Then when you get to the pros, you’re just kind of one of the guys because everybody is so good. But then every once in awhile there’s one guy that even in the pros is just special and ahead of everybody else. That was Tez. He was that kind of player.’ ”

Brady Henderson at passes along the audio from an interview Wyman did on 710 ESPN with John Clayton of and also a member of the Hall of Fame selection committee on Friday: “He wasn’t lining up in gaps. He wasn’t hiding. They were triple-teaming him,” Wyman said. “It was just amazing to watch.”

As for coverage of that game that was played on Sunday, there’s Clayton’s “Last Call” at; Clark Judge’s “Judgements” at; and Art Thiel at sportspress northwest reminds us that the Seahawks beat the Super Bowl champion Giants in Week 5, offering: “Since the Giants are the best team in football today, and three months earlier were punched out at home by the Seahawks, it means either the Giants became really good really fast, or the difference between 6-10 and 10-6 in the NFL is the breaks on a handful of plays.”

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