All the right moves?

Who needs “Dancing with the Stars”?

A highlight of just about every Seahawks practice in the just-completed season was rookie cornerback Richard Sherman bustin’ a move – or three – along the sideline. What did it look like? Think one of those air-motion windsock figures that are used to draw attention by some businesses.

Late in the season, the practice dancing spilled over to the locker room when defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove challenged Sherman to a dance-off – Brooklyn (Hargrove) vs. Compton (Sherman), if you will; or at least vet (Hargrove) vs. rookie (Sherman); or perhaps bulk (Hargrove) vs. bravado (Sherman).

The competition was captured on video by Michael Robinson and posted on the fullback’s website – You can check it out here – the dance-off is after the report on Justin Forsett’s “shower pill.”

And who won this battle of almost-stars?

“I am definitely claiming victory,” Sherman said, moments after the dance-off – and uproarious response it ignited with teammates – had subsided. “I put a couple of things on tape that he was unable to match. He put a lot of good moves out there with the ‘wheel chair.’ He pulled out all the stops. It was an incredibly impressive effort from a 300-pounder.”

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