Laughing last?

Who’s making fun of the NFC West now?

And we’re not just talking about the division champion 49ers dispatching the Saints in Saturday’s divisional round of the playoffs, although that upset victory does play into the last-laugh scenario.

Since 2004, the division the Seahawks share with the 49ers, Cardinals and Rams has won at least one playoff game in each of the eight postseasons – including the Seahawks from 2005-07 and again in 2010.

No other division in the NFC can make that claim, as the North was skunked this season after the Giants’ upset of the Packers on Sunday. In 2010, the South and East went winless in the postseason. In 2008, it was the North and South. While the South also went without a playoff win in 2007 and the North did it in 2005.

Here’s a closer look at the NFC West’s habit of winning in the playoffs.

Year     Team                   Victory/victories over

2011    49ers                    Saints

2010    Seahawks             Saints

2009    Cardinals              Packers

2008     Cardinals             Falcons, Panthers, Eagles

2007     Seahawks            Redskins

2006     Seahawks            Cowboys

2005     Seahawks            Redskins, Panthers

2004     Rams                    Seahawks

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