Jackson still in action

Just how much better is Tarvaris Jackson’s strained pectoral in his throwing shoulder feeling?

The weekly Q&A with the Seahawks quarterback today had to wait until after he had finished lifting weights. This from a guy who had problems lifting his right arm for weeks after being injured in the Oct. 9 upset of the Giants.

“When I first got hurt and knew I was able to play, I was just trying to make sure I could get through each game and make sure I could hopefully get through the season,” Jackson said. “It got better throughout the season, and luckily now I feel like I probably won’t have to have surgery.”

That’s not a given, but the fact that his shoulder is feeling good enough that he has been able to practice fully and lift weights the past two weeks is a definite plus – for Sunday’s season finale against the Cardinals in Arizona, as well as the offseason condition program and OTA sessions.

“I feel pretty healthy going into the offseason,” he said.

Jackson isn’t just feeling better, he’s been playing better. He has not thrown an interception in the past four games, and also has a touchdown pass in each of those games.

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