King-sized love for Seahawks

If Peter King isn’t the best pro football writer in the country, he’s near the top of a small group that would be considered in any debate. So when the sage one from speaks – or in this case writes – it’s worth repeating.

In his “Monday Morning Quarterback,” King ranks the Seahawks No. 11 in his Fine Fifteen, with this comment: “Too high? Tell that to their last three foes, vanquished by 17, 17 and 24 points, the latest of which was Chicago Sunday in a Soldier Field beatdown.”

In the “what I liked” portion of his weekly must-read column, King had this to say about Red Bryant: “Did you see the interception by Red Bryant of the Seahawks? A fastball (well, Caleb Hanie’s version of one) came at his gut, and he caught it and pranced in for a touchdown.”

Not only mention of the Seahawks from a national writer, but positive words. This team isn’t just heading in the right direction; people are actually starting to notice.

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