CenturyLink Field 4th toughest place to play

Seattle's 12th MAN was loud and proud on Thursday Night Football, filling CenturyLink Field with noise and passion all game long.

From Sports Illustrated Dec. 12 issue:


Which team’s fans are the toughest to play in front of? (page 22)

  1. 1. Philadelphia Eagles….20%
  2. 2. Pittsburgh Steelers….17%
  3. 3. Oakland Raiders….13%
  4. 4. Seattle Seahawks….8%
  5. 5. New Orleans Saints….6%

[Based on 321 NFL players who responded to SI’s survey]

FAST FACTS: Over the past 10 seasons the Patriots have more home wins (65) than any other team, but they finished just 16th in the voting with 1.6%…. Conversely, the poll-topping­ Eagles have 48 victories in that period, tied for ninth…. QBs particularly loathed playing in Seattle and Oakland (tied at 26%)…. The NFC East was voted the toughest host division (25% of the total vote); the AFC East was voted the easiest (4%).

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