It’s news to Rufus

Rufus Porter was the only player voted to two spots on the Seahawks’ 35th Anniversary team. But the talented outside linebacker/rush-end and extra-special specials teams player might have been the last to find out.

“I’m just hearing this from you,” Porter said through a large smile on Sunday, as he was waiting in Touchdown City to do an interview on 710 ESPN and later raise the 12th MAN flag prior to kickoff of the Seahawks’ game against the Redskins.

“Man, that is outstanding. To have the fans remember you like that after all these years, that is truly an honor.”

The reason Porter had not heard about his double honor was because we couldn’t track him down, despite repeated calls to various phone numbers and people during the process.

But when the readers of cast their votes, they definitely remembered No. 97. Porter was one of the outside linebackers, opposite Chad Brown; and also the selection for the special teams player, for a franchise were special teams play always has been emphasized.

Here’s the story on Porter and Fredd Young being voted to the 35th Anniversary team.

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