Monday in Hawkville

A recap of the day’s activities at Virginia Mason Athletic Center for Nov. 14:


Penalties. The Seahawks lost 100 yards to infractions against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday, and have lost 623 yards to penalties this season. But at least coach Pete hasn’t lost his sense of humor about the situation.

“I put the list up on the board for the guys in the meeting today of the offenders,” Carroll said of the 10 players who were flagged on Sunday. “It’s a global situation we’re dealing with here, and it’s epidemic proportions.”

What transpired against the Ravens was not so funny, however, because the season-highs in penalties (13) and yards (100) are a continuation of a problem that has been hampering the Seahawks all season.

“We’re going right back to work at it, as best we can,” Carroll said. “It’s awareness, for the most part.”

Carroll separates the penalties into three categories:

Line of scrimmage – Those stationary infractions, like jumping offside on defense or false starting on offense. “Those are really in our control,” he said.

Aggressive – Like the pass interference call on cornerback Brandon Browner and the personal foul against strong safety Kam Chancellor on Sunday. “We just try to get in the guys heads conscience-wise so that they’re always mindful that this move they could make could put us in jeopardy,” he said.

Others – Illegal contact. Illegal hands. Those infractions that don’t fall into either of the first two categories.

The Seahawks were guilty of all three varieties against the Ravens, and have been all season.

“It sucks to have 13 penalties in a game, particularly to have seven in the fourth quarter,” Carroll said. “It’s all but disheartening. However, it was cool to see we could overcome it. Smarts didn’t work out, toughness did – and grit did and finish did.

“That’s not always going to be the case, so we’ve got to get rid of it and we’re just going to work until it goes away.”


The big news is rookie right tackle John Moffitt being lost for the rest of the season because he needs surgery to repair two damaged ligaments in his right knee.

Three players also got concussions against the Ravens: wide receivers Sidney Rice and Doug Baldwin and strong safety Kam Chancellor. Carroll said all three were better today, but that it could be Thursday or Friday before it is known whether they can play this week.

Two players left the game after aggravating previous hamstring injuries: defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove and safety Atari Bigby. With them, Carroll said, “We’ll see how it goes.”


Marshawn Lynch carried the ball a career-high 32 times against the Ravens. That also ties for the fifth-highest total in franchise history. Here’s the all-time list:

Player (date)                                   Carries     Opponent

Shaun Alexander (11-27-06)            40         Packers

Chris Warren (9-19-93)                     36         Patriots

Shaun Alexander (11-11-01)            35         Raiders

Lamar Smith (11-17-96)                    33         Lions

Shaun Alexander (10-14-01)            33         Broncos

Marshawn Lynch (11-13-11)            32         Ravens

Curt Warner (11-27-83)                    32         Chiefs

Ricky Watters (12-20-98)                  32         Colts


The players are off Tuesday, but return on Wednesday to begin preparing for Sunday’s game against the Rams in St. Louis.


“After reviewing the film and getting together with the guys, this was a really good kind of all-around win of our team in the sense that everybody contributed in a big way. We had a really good effort. We got to an energy level that we needed to play against such a good football team.” – Carroll on the upset of the Ravens

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