A tale of two Jakes

Jacob Greene, meet Jacob Green.

That was the scene on the sideline at CenturyLink Field before Sunday’s game between the Seahawks and Cincinnati Bengals as 15-year-old Jacob Greene hooked up Jacob Green, the team’s all-time sack leader and Ring of Honor defensive end, as part of his two-day “dream come true.”

Greene has cystic fibrosis and the Kids Wish Network granted him a wish.

Disneyland? “We’ve been there plenty of times,” Greene said.

Nope, he wanted to attend a Seahawks’ practice, which he did on Saturday, and take in a game, which he did on Sunday – with his parents, Carl and Lisa; and sister, Kasey, who will turn 11 this month and also has cystic fibrosis. The Greene’s live in Bellevue and Jacob goes to Bellevue Christian School.

All in all, it definitely was a dream fulfilled, and then some.

“This is what I wanted,” said Greene, who was wearing the No. 24 jersey of his favorite player – Marshawn Lynch. “The whole thing has been cool, and the best part was meeting the players (Saturday).”

It was difficult to tell who was more excited – Greene or his mother.

“This has been over the top,” she said. “Jacob is a real Seahawks fan, so he’s been just dreaming of this for a long time. You should see his room; it’s all about football – Seahawks everywhere.

“Jacob has been dreaming about his wish for a long time. And this just gives us a spark of hope and something to look forward to and something special in the midst of stark stuff – because Jacob and Kasey both do a couple hours a day of treatment, and then there’s the medication and hospitalization.

“So this is huge. Kids Wish Network has been amazing and the Seahawks have been just over the top. Incredibly so.”

The opportunity to meet Jacob Green was a bonus – a dream encounter, if you will.

“It’s just amazing,” Green said. “I was asked if I’d meet him and take a picture with him and I said, ‘Of course.’ That’s something that he was named Jacob Greene. That’s pretty cool to get a chance to meet another Jacob Greene.”

Asked for his reaction to meeting up with another Jacob Green, Greene offered, “It’s a little creepy.”

But then again, it was Halloween Eve.

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