MBA? No way

Pat Shurmur actually has a MBA in finance, but the first-year head coach of the Cleveland Browns is glad he doesn’t have to use it.

Use it? Not even close.

“I haven’t written one check in 21 years of marriage. I don’t even know the pin number on my (ATM) card,” Shurmur said during a conference-call interview this morning, as the Browns are preparing to host the Seahawks on Sunday.

Shurmur, nephew of the late Fritz Shurmur, got that MBA while a graduate assistant at Michigan State.

“I worked for IBM for eight months,” Shurmur said. “But I had a taste of coaching as I was finishing up grad school, and I knew (IBM) wasn’t for me. So I was fortunate to go back and start (coaching).

“Once I could no longer play and once I saw the process of being a coach and having a chance to encourage and teach and empower players, I kind of got the bug.”

Shurmur now works for former NFL coach Mike Holmgren, the Browns’ president. Pat Shurmur first met Holmgren when Fritz Shurmur was on Holmgren’s staff with the Green Bay Packers. Fritz Shurmur followed Holmgren to Seattle in 1999, but died of cancer before he could coach a game with the Seahawks.

Pat Shurmur still refers to Holmgren as “coach.”

“He will forever be a coach,” Shurmur said. “That’s a term of endearment in my opinion. I mean, he’s coach Holmgren.”

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