Cyber surfing: Monday

Good morning. Here’s what was “out there” about the Seahawks during their long bye weekend and for today, Oct. 17:

Dave Boling at the New Tribune profiles Anthony Hargrove, who traveled a hard road to reach the NFL and now the Seahawks. Says defensive linemate Brandon Mebane: “I had seen his story, but then meeting him, I was like, ‘Whoa, is this that guy?’ You see that stuff and you make judgments. But who are we to judge? Then you get to know the man, and I’ll tell you this: I think he’s a world-class man to know.’ ”

Here at, Hargrove sits down with Tony Ventrella for his bye-week edition of “Seahawks Insider.” We also catch up with Edwin Bailey, the former Seahawks guard.

Dave Wyman, a former linebacker for the Seahawks and now radio analyst, shares his thoughts on the trade of Aaron Curry last week. Says Wyman: “There are three parts to a football play in my mind. First you need to get properly aligned, second you must fulfill your responsibilities within the scheme of the defense, and third you just go make a play. Number three is what defines you as a player and much of it cannot be coached. It’s pure instinct. It’s instantaneous, split-second reaction. By the end of the 2010 season, it was obvious to me that Curry lacked those instincts.”

For recaps of what happened in the league during Week 6, there’s Peter King’s “Monday Morning Quarterback” at, John Clayton’s “Last Call” at and Clark Judge’s “Judgements” at

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