Anthony McCoy comes up big

For a 13-10 victory, the Seahawks’ home opener on Sunday was a game where there were so many pivotal plays that it was easy to overlook one.

Unless you’re Pete Carroll. The Seahawks’ coach was not asked about a fumble recovery by tight end Anthony McCoy in the three-point win over the Cardinals at CenturyLink Field, but it didn’t matter.

“Nobody brought it up, but the play of the game was Anthony McCoy’s fumble recovery,” Carroll said. “That was a fantastic play right there.”

But the play of the game? Well, it definitely was a decisive play. On the Seahawks’ first possession of the fourth quarter, and with the score 13-10, the shotgun snap from center Max Unger on a third-and-5 play from the Cardinals’ 48-yard line squirted through the raised hands of QB Tarvaris Jackson.

If the Cardinals had recovered, they would have been in instant field-goal range – or close to it. But they didn’t because the 6-foot-5 McCoy recovered at the Seahawks’ 28-yard line.

“If that doesn’t happen, then everything is different,” said Carroll, who also coached McCoy at USC. “He’s been doing it for years, making fumble recoveries like that. That was huge plays for us, and you don’t realize that. That was a high snap. You don’t want that to go unnoticed.”

Offered McCoy: “Well, my first reaction, I heard the crowd. I heard a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and then when I turned around I finally saw the ball and just jumped on it.

“It was an exciting moment. I was happy to be in protection and next thing I know, I turn around and I see the ball on the ground and I know it’s third down so I just reacted, cradled it and just prayed the defense would come through for us and they did.”

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