Steely resolve

Mike Tomlin, the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, just finished a conference-call interview with reporters who cover the Seahawks.

He was asked if there is additional motivation for his team – or an extra edge, if you will – heading into Sunday’s home opener against the Seahawks after the Steelers lost their season opener 35-7 to the Ravens in Baltimore.

“We’ll take all the edges we can get if you saw Sunday’s tape,” Tomlin said.

As for the mood of his team after the disappointing effort in the opener, Tomlin offered, “It’s appropriate. We played poorly. We of course analyzed our performance and then we move forward to ready ourselves for the next one. But it doesn’t lessen that fact. That tape is out there. It’s out there forever. We understand that. We acknowledge that. We don’t necessarily like it. But that’s life in the NFL. We’re moving forward and preparing for our next opportunity, of course, which is this weekend.”

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