A little Q&A

Some of you asked questions in the live blog during Saturday night’s game against the Broncos in Denver that deserved more than a quick answer. So let’s turn those into a Q&A:

Q: Do you think Doug Baldwin could be our version of Philadelphia’s DeSean Jackson and the Patriots’ Wes Welker? – Stevenhawk

A: I like Doug Baldwin. A lot. But I’m not ready to anoint him a Jackson or Welker clone. Even using their names in the same sentence seems like putting an entire herd of horses before the cart. Jackson has exceptional quickness and speed, while Welker has been ridiculously productive in the slot. Baldwin needs to make the 53-man roster, first – which I think he will. He also needs to find a role. As good as he has been on kickoff returns, do you take the ball out of Leon Washington’s hands? I don’t think so. As productive as he has been in the slot, does he move ahead of Golden Tate and Ben Obomanu? But Baldwin has the potential and, more importantly, the work ethic and mental makeup to develop into versatile role player for the Seahawks.

Q: What do you think of Mark LeGree? – Seafan16

A: A better question: What do the coaches think of the fifth-round draft choice from Appalachian State? He was very productive in college and drafted with the thought that he could play free safety in the nickel and dime packages, allowing Earl Thomas to step up and cover a slot receiver. But Josh Pinkard and even free agent Jeron Johnson have been better in that role during training camp and the preseason. LeGree has the potential to develop into the player the coaches expect him to be. He’s just not there yet.

Q: Are they going to keep Pep Levingston? – BeerBoy

A:  The best way to answer that is to point out that the seventh-round draft is making it difficult not to keep him. He has shown why they call him Pep (his given name is Lazarius Cortez) by collecting two sacks against the Broncos and recovering a fumble against the Chargers in the opener. He is very active. But the Seahawks also have been active in acquiring other D-tackles – signing Alan Branch and Jimmy Wilkerson in free agency and re-signing Brandon Mebane and Junior Siavii.

Q: Where did the Seahawks special teams rank last season? – Dylan

A: The league does “officially” rank the special teams on overall performance, but Rick Gosselin of the Dallas Morning News has come up with rankings based on production in 22 categories that the special teams in the league use. The Seahawks tied for fourth in those rankings last season.

Q: What does Pete Carroll see in Tarvaris Jackson? – several people

A: I’ll let the Seahawks coach handle that one: “We think Tarvaris has got a great future. … Tarvaris gives us a real good asset in his mobility. He does have very good mobility and he’s very strong in the pocket. He can really stand up against the rush, get banged around and still be standing. He’s a very physical kid. We hope that will be an asset for him.” It certainly has been to this point, because Jackson has had little time in the pocket. Jackson has a strong arm, as well. But Carroll also likes that Jackson is familiar with the system offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell is installing, because both spent the past five seasons together in Minnesota. It’s that continuity, as well as Jackson’s upside, that prompted Carroll to name him the starter before Jackson had even practiced with the team.

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