Why Jackson?

Perhaps Pete Carroll should have laminated cards made he could hand out to explain why he is going with just-acquired Tarvaris Jackson as the Seahawks’ starting quarterback over incumbent backup Charlie Whitehurst.

After the preseason opener against the Chargers last Thursday night, a reporter from San Diego asked Carroll, Jackson and Whitehurst about the “competition” and “battle” for the starting job. This morning, a radio host on a Seattle station was perplexed about the same issue after doing an interview with Carroll.

The Seahawks’ coach could not have done a better job of explaining why Jackson when he made the announcement July 30 – before the former Vikings QB has even practiced with the Seahawks.

“This entire program has always been about competition. That’s the central theme in this program,” Carroll said on the first Saturday of training camp. “In this situation, I think to make it the most competitive for our team, Tarvaris needs to be our starter right now.

“He comes in as our starter. He’s going to own that position until Charlie and the next couple fellas that are playing at the spot (rookie free agent Josh Portis and since-departed Zac Lee) get a chance to catch up. Then the competition will begin from their end.”

Carroll reasoning is obvious: Familiarity with the new offensive system being installed by coordinator Darrell Bevell, who also was with the Vikings the past five seasons.

“Tarvaris brings so much continuity to us, I think it’s the best thing for our club,” Carroll said. “And I’m excited to tell you that. I think this guy is a heckuva prospect that’s already been embraced by our players and our coaches. What he brings us is something special. He’s a very talented kid.”

Will all that fit on a laminated card?

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