Carroll: Starters to play first half

After getting what coach Pete Carroll called a “get him out there, and get him out of there” stint in the preseason opener against the San Diego Chargers, quarterback Tarvaris Jackson is scheduled to play the first half in Saturday night’s home opener against the Minnesota Vikings at CenturyLink Field.

Carroll announced his plans for Jackson and most of the other starters after today’s practice at the team’s training camp.

“We’re going to play him through the first half and get our first group out there, with some substitutions,” Carroll said. “But those guys will play. Hopefully it will work out for the first half. If we can get that done, we’ll fell like we accomplished something.

“We need to go forward. We have to jump ahead. We have to catch up a little here.”

After practicing with the team for less than a week, Jackson played only two series against the Chargers in San Diego last Thursday night – and did it without starting receivers Mike Williams and Sidney Rice, who are expected to play Saturday night.

Jackson and Rice played for the Vikings before signing with the Seahawks in free agency.

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