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Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, Aug. 10:

Rookie QB Josh Portis is a popular topic, because he’s expected to play – and play a lot – in Thursday night’s preseason opener against the Chargers in San Diego.

Here at, we look at the protracted path that led Portis to the Seahawks. Says Portis: “It’s been a journey for me. It’s not a regular three-year, four-year college career. It’s been school, to school, to school. I had obstacles that I overcame. It’s made me a better person and I’m out here enjoying football. I’m playing football. So I definitely appreciate the opportunity and the privilege to be out here playing the game of football.”

Eric Williams of the New Tribune wonders if Portis could be the team’s QB of the future. Says Williams: “The Seahawks had Portis targeted as one the players they liked heading into the April draft, and were one of the first teams to contact him near the draft’s conclusion on the final day. So it’s no big surprise he wound up in Seattle.”

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times looks at the progress of second-year wide receiver Golden Tate, who flashed early during his rookie training camp. Says Tate: “Looking back at last year, I made a lot of big plays in camp early, but I wasn’t doing it the way coach wanted me to do it. If you can’t have the trust of the quarterback, the coaches, then they’re not going to put you on the field.”

O’Neil also has notes from Tuesday’s practice.

At, Christian Caple also has notes from practice.

Mike Sando at has his “Camp Confidential” report on the Arizona Cardinals, the Seahawks’ opponent in Weeks 3 and 17 this season. The big news at their Flagstaff training camp, of course, is new QB Kevin Kolb. Says Sando: “Kevin Kolb has accomplished something not even Kurt Warner always managed during his five-year run with the Arizona Cardinals. He has brought clarity to the quarterback position. What a relief for Arizona. This training camp marks only the second in five under coach Ken Whisenhunt with a clearly defined, secure starter behind center.”

Also at, we have a recap of Tuesday’s practice in words and video. Why are the linemen running laps after committing false-start penalties during practice? Left tackle Russell Okung explains: “It’s a way of kind of punishing ourselves. We’ve just got to get better. It’s inexcusable. We can’t have false starts. They kill an offense. So if this is what it’s going to take, or even more than this, this is what it’s going to take.”

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