Eye on: Beast Mode

When it comes to Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Mode” style, the eyes have it.

The Seahawks’ leading rusher last season will put his style where his eye-black is this season, by wearing “BeastMode” patches under each eye.

“I am excited to be partnering with EyeBlack.com and can’t wait for athletes and fans to experience their own version of ‘BeastMode,’ ” Lynch said in the release to announce the partnership.

EyeBlack.com, which bills itself as the official eye-black of athletes and fans, offers latex-free, medical-grade tape that is safe, tested and allows the skin to breathe.

Lynch, of course, became a favorite of the 12th Man last season after being acquired in a trade with the Buffalo Bills. He took his “Beast Mode” style to a national level during the Seahawks’ wild-card playoff game against the New Orleans Saints at then-Qwest Field when his electrifying 67-yard TD run iced the upset victory – and triggered seismic activity in the area during the eruptive celebration.

“Football is an extremely aggressive game, especially at the level for which Marshawn plays, and the intensity and toughness of the sport fit with the attributes of EyeBlack.com,” Peter Beveridge, president of EyeBlack.com, said in the release. “Busting through the line of scrimmage requires a fearless mentality and demonstrates an intimidation factor that personifies the ‘EyeBlack.com Revolution.’ Not to mention, Marshawn’s run in the playoffs symbolizes that EyeBlack.com mentality of never giving up.”

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