Greens, and greens

There were reasons to celebrate at the Jacob Green Charity Golf Classic on Friday, and that was before the fivesomes teed off at the Golf Course at Redmond Ridge to raise money for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

First, it was Michael Jackson’s birthday. Jackson was a run-’em-down, knock-’em-down linebacker who led the Seahawks in tackles for three consecutive seasons (1980-82).

“I turned 54 this morning, so I’m already having a good day,” Jackson said.

The former University of Washington star was one of the celebrities who joined foursomes for the event. Others included former Cy Young winner and MVP Vida Blue, legendary Sonics point guards Gus Williams and Slick Watts and former Mariners second baseman Julio Cruz, as well as a collection of former and current Seahawks – Kenny Easley, Edwin Bailey, Paul Skansi, Randall Morris, Charle Young, Eric Stokes and, of course, Green; David Hawthorne, Brandon Mebane, Red Bryant, Cameron Morrah, Roy Lewis and Anthony McCoy.

The other bit of celebratory news is that the Green’s extended family is getting another extension. Janelle, Jacob’s daughter and Red Bryant’s wife, is pregnant. And it’s going to be a boy. Green and his wife, Janet, have three daughters – Janelle, Jessica and Jillian.

“It’s our first grandchild, so we’re all so excited,” Janet said. “But Jacob is really excited.”

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