Cruise with the Seahawks – Day 4

On Wednesday we arrived at our first port of call, Juneau.  The weather was beautiful and temps in the upper 60’s!

Coach Cable decided he wanted to do some fishin’, so he went on the Fly Fishing Adventure Excursion.  He reported a great time after his 5 ½ hour excursion.  There was no road access to get to the fishing location, so he got to take a float plane which he described like being on a rollercoaster, going up and down and side-to-side.

The fish species they went after were cutthroat trout, Dolly Varden and various other species of salmon.  They caught a 5-7 pound salmon and a trout (they catch and release).  Tom said it was a wonderful experience and he would recommend this excursion to anyone that loves fishing.

I told Will about the great time I had in Mexico when I went zip lining so he, his wife and his twin 15 year old boys decided to do the Rain Forest Canopy and Zip line Expedition in Juneau.  They had to cross the channel in a high speed water craft and once across, they boarded a 4×4 All Terrain vehicle to take a ride up a densely forested hillside that took them to their first zip line tree platform.  They went on 10 zip lines and 2 aerial suspension bridges during this expedition.  I think that very first one is the hardest but as expected, his boys had no problem at all.  Will said that while he was crossing the suspension bridges, the guides were rocking the bridge from side to side… jokers! At the end of the zip lines, the very last thing they did  was repel out of the trees. They don’t show you how to do that until you get to the last tree…nice surprise!!  Needless to say they had quite the adventure.

Overall it was a great day at our first port.  Our next port is Sitka.  So until my next blog….

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