A real signature season

Steve Largent’s final game came with an unexpected catch.

The last game of the 1989 season – and last of Largent’s 14-year career with the Seahawks – fell on Christmas Eve eve. So the future Hall of Fame wide receiver spent a lot of time autographing seemingly anything for seemingly anybody.

In the two weeks leading up to the game against the Washington Redskins at the Kingdome, Largent received more than 100 pieces of mail per day – including a team-record 196 the Monday before the game and 159 the previous Monday. Largent scribbled his name on everything from footballs to trading cards to the inside of someone’s van. The conservative estimate was that he signed 2,000 autographs.

But this sign-here-please autograph-a-thon did produce one of the most memorable lines in franchise history, as Largent uttered, “I kind of feel like Toys R Us. Everybody’s coming to me for their Christmas present.”

The game, however, would be a Grinch-like affair as the Seahawks lost 29-0.

“I really don’t remember all the buildup to the last game, because I was focused on playing the game,” Largent said this week.

That ’89 season, and especially Largent’s last game, is featured in the latest in our series of articles on the franchise’s first 35 seasons.

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