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Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks for today, June 23:

Pat Kirwan at continues his rankings of players by position, and guess who checks in at No. 5 among the safeties? That’s right; it’s the Seahawks’ Earl Thomas, a first-round draft choice last year. Says Kirwan: “The only person who has coached both (Troy) Polamalu and Thomas is Pete Carroll, who told me at the end of the season that Thomas is the closest he’s ever seen to Polamalu’s skills. Thomas had five interceptions as a rookie, the same number as Reed and more than both Collins and Polamalu.” Hmm. Now that is saying something. But Kirwan ranks neither Polamalu nor Ed Reed at No. 1. He opts for Nick Collins.

The Seahawks are scheduled to host the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 8 this season, and Sporting News Today offers this preview of the Bengals. Here’s the “bottom line” assessment from long-time Bengals beat writer Chick Ludwig: “Carson Palmer has left the building, promising to never return to Paul Brown Stadium wearing Bengals stripes. When your franchise quarterback says he wants out and that’s he’s willing to forfeit $58 million remaining on his contract that runs through 2014 if he isn’t traded, it’s a clear sign the franchise needs a new direction and attitude. All the team can do is move forward without him and a hope a new quarterback, receiver, coordinator prosper.”

With visions of the lockout finally ending – and free agency and trades finally beginning – dancing in his head, Jason La Canfora of looks at who might get traded and who might not. Eagles QB Kevin Kolb is the only “very likely” in a group that also includes Broncos QB Kyle Orton (unlikely), Redskins QB Donovan McNabb (unlikely), Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth (likely) and Bengals QB Carson Palmer (unlikely, to say the least). One of the teams linked to Kolb? The Seahawks. Says La Canfora: “It’s go West young man. Most of the people I talk to in the league believe it’s a two-horse race between Arizona and Seattle. The Eagles want first-round compensation, and if the market bears only a second and a little something else, then sources say there is a very real chance Philly holds on to him as insurance for 2011. Ultimately, I think they get the first-round pick for him, though. If not, he stays.”

For the give-us-this-day-our-daily-labor-update item, we offer Sal Paolantonio’s report on Wednesday’s meeting in the Boston area. Offers Sal: “Another source said the talks on Wednesday were ‘very fruitful’ and the expectation is that they will continue until a deal is reached.”

One of the first things that will happen when the two sides reach a new CBA will be free agency, in some form. Len Pasquarelli at compiles a free-agent all-star team, and Seahawks defensive tackle Brandon Mebane is included. Offers Pasquarelli: “To some young veterans and several agents, one of the most interesting elements to emerge from the owners’ meeting in Chicago on Tuesday was the presumption that the proposed CBA agreement stipulates that the requirement for unrestricted free agency will return to four seasons of accrued service.”

Here at, we have a video spotlight on second-round draft choice John Moffitt. We also continue our series of articles reviewing the franchise’s first 35 seasons with a look at 1994 – Tom Flores’ third, and final, season as coach.

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