The 100 Club

A coach winning 100 games in any sport, at any level, is a big deal. But doing it in the NFL definitely pumps some extra-special into the accomplishment.

Three of the eight coaches in the franchise’s first 35 seasons have done it while with the Seahawks: Chuck Knox, Tom Flores and Mike Holmgren.

Knox arrived in 1983 with 91 regular-season victories from his stints with the Los Angeles Rams (54 from 1973-77) and Buffalo Bills (37 from 1978-82). He hit No. 100 when the Seahawks knocked off the New England Patriots at the Kingdome in the regular-season finale of his first season. The win put the Seahawks into the playoffs for the first time, and Knox in some impressive company.

Holmgren arrived in 1999 with 75 regular-season victories from his nine-season stay with the Green Bay Packers. He made it to No. 100 when the Seahawks knocked off the Minnesota Vikings at then-Seahawks Stadium in Week 4 of the 2002 season – after dropping their first three games.

Flores never made it to 100 regular-season victories. When he took over the Seahawks in 1992, he had 83 from his time with the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders. With 14 wins in three seasons with the Seahawks, Flores left the coaching ranks after the 1994 season with 97 regular-season wins.

But add in his playoff victories and Flores hit No. 100 in the 1994 opener – a 28-7 win over the Redskins in Washington. The Seahawks were 2-14 in Flores’ first season and 6-10 in the second.

That prompted this response when he finally hit 100: “After last year and the year before, I didn’t think it was going to happen in my lifetime.”

A look at 1994 is the latest in our series of articles reviewing the Seahawks’ first 35 seasons.

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