In nine seasons as coach of the Oakland/Los Angeles Raiders, Tom Flores won a pair of Super Bowls and had six winning records. In three seasons with the Seahawks, he never even broke even.

From 1992-94, when Flores was the third full-season coach in franchise history, the Seahawks went 2-14 and 6-10 twice. We’ve examined 1992 and 1993 in our ongoing series of stories featuring the franchise’s first 35 seasons.

But then compiling winning records with the Seahawks has been a three-plus coach accomplishment.

Mike Holmgren (seven), Chuck Knox (six), Jack Patera (two) and Mike McCormack (interim coach for seven games in 1982) have posted winning records with the Seahawks.

Here’s a look at the franchise’s coaches – with seasons; seasons with a winning record; best record:

Jack Patera (1976-82): six-plus seasons; two winning seasons; 9-7 in 1978 and 1979

Mike McCormack (1982): seven games; one winning season; 4-3 after replacing Patera

Chuck Knox (1983-91): nine seasons; six winning seasons; 12-4 in 1984

Tom Flores (1992-94): three seasons; no winning seasons; 6-10 in 1993 and 1994

Dennis Erickson (1995-98): four seasons; no winning seasons; 8-8 in 1995, 1997, 1998

Mike Holmgren (1999-2008): 10 seasons; seven winning seasons; 13-3 in 2005

Jim Mora (2009): one season; no winning seasons; 5-11 in 2009

Pete Carroll (2010-present): one season; no winning seasons; 7-9 in 2010

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