A show of hands

Steve Largent is the Seahawks’ all-time leader in receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches. Brian Blades caught 80 and 81 passes in back-to-back seasons. Bobby Engram set the franchise record with 94 receptions in 2007.

All three have been voted to the Seahawks’ 35th Anniversary team. But who turned in the best single-season performance by a receiver in franchise history?

Here’s a look at some of the best:

Steve Largent in 1984 – He caught 74 passes for 1,164 yards and 12 touchdowns – and was voted All-Pro and to the Pro Bowl. The Hall of Famer had seasons with more receptions (79 in 1985 and 75 in 1981). He also had seasons with more yards (1,168 in 1978; 1,237 in 1979; 1,224 in 1981; and a club-record 1,287 in 1985).  But the 12 TD catches in ’84 were a career-high, and the 74-1,164-12 totals came during the team’s 12-4 season.

Daryl Tuner in 1985 – He caught only 34 passes, but he also averaged 19.7 yards and had 13 TD catches. The TD total is the club single-season record. The per-catch average would be the record, if he had caught enough passes (50) to qualify.

Brian Blades in 1994 – His 81 receptions set the single-season record; which Darrell Jackson and Engram later broke. He also had 1,086 yards for a 13.4-yard average and caught four TD passes. He had more TDs (eight) and a higher average (17.1) in 1988, but Blades caught only 40 passes that season.

Joey Galloway in 1997 – He caught 72 passes for 1,049 yards (14.6-yard average) and a conference-leading 12 TDs. All were the best marks of the three seasons he led the team in receiving.

Sean Dawkins in 1999 – He didn’t even lead the team in receptions; Derrick Mayes did. But Dawkins averaged 17.1 yards on his 58 catches and had seven TDs (compared to 62, 13.4 and 10 for Mayes). But the over-the-top-stat was that 51 of Dawkins’ catches produced first downs.

Koren Robinson in 2002 – He caught 78 passes for 1,240 yards and five touchdowns. It was the one season in his five with the Seahawks that the first-round pick from 2001 put up numbers to match his draft status.

Darrell Jackson in 2003 – The more obvious choice for Jackson appears to be 2004, when he set the club record with 87 receptions, had 1,199 yards and seven TDs. But in ’03, he had a better per-catch average (16.7 yards, compared to 13.8 in ’04) and more TDs (nine).

Bobby Engram in 2007 – He not only set the club record with 94 receptions, Engram posted a career-best with 1,147 yards and tied his career-high with six TD catches. And he did it at the age of 34.

Performances you definitely can wrap your hands around. But which one was the best? You make the call …

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