In hindsight

Someone likes the Seahawks’ old white road uniforms. A lot. And the old home uniform with the blue jerseys, silver pants and silver helmets, too.

Adam Rank at ranks the Seahawks’ retro looks – road and home – at No. 6 in his Pick Six list of best old-school NFL uniforms, which comes with a slide show.

Rank on the road whites: “The Seahawks had one of the best color schemes in the NFL, and they had to go out and ruin it. And then the club further started thumbing its nose at the team’s fans by going to a lime-green alternate uniform. Why would the Seahawks ever want to shy away from this classic look? Plus this makes for a good fashion matchup against other teams.”

Rank on the home blues: “NFL Films recently showed Emmitt Smith breaking the all-time rushing mark, a moment that was ruined because the Seahawks were wearing some horrific dark uniforms. At some point, I figure the NFL Films crew will have to re-edit the footage to put the Seahawks in their proper royal blue uniforms with the silver pants. Silver pants and silver helmets work great with white uniforms.”

Fans could see a remake of those retro uniforms – at some point. Club president Peter McLoughlin has said the team is looking into new looks, as the league’s uniform contract switches from Reebok to Nike for the 2012 season. The Seahawks already have had discussions with the Oregon-based company about new uniforms – including an old one, as the Seahawks never have played a game in replicas of their vintage uniforms.

“There’s a lot of creative stuff in the works,” McLoughlin said.

Which teams are Rank-ed ahead of the Seahawks? We hate to spoil the suspense, but:

No. 1 – Los Angeles Rams

No. 2 – New England Patriots

No. 3 – Philadelphia Eagles

No. 4 – San Diego Chargers

No. 5 – Houston Oilers

Got an opinion on any of this? A “discuss” link also is provided, so you can rank Rank’s rankings.

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