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Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks on May 20:

Mike Sando of had readers vote for “Flash Point” franchise-turning events for each of the four teams in the NFC West, and the obvious – and overwhelming – choice for the Seahawks was Paul Allen buying the team in 1997. As one voter put it, “It is hard to point to any one of those (other) moments as the one point where it all changed. They were part of a long, ugly slide. Allen buying the team, though, was the one point in time where you can look and say, ‘It all changed right there.’ ”

In the wake of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s comments about being “ignored” by the Lakers because he doesn’t have a statute outside the team’s arena, Vic Carucci at weighs in on which NFL players are deserving of the honor. His obvious pick for the Seahawks: Steve Largent.

We’ll go that nine better. In addition to the Hall of Fame wide receiver, Qwest Field needs statutes of all 10 members of the Seahawks’ Ring of Honor – which also would include Jim Zorn, Dave Brown, Pete Gross, Curt Warner, Jacob Green, Kenny Easley, Dave Krieg, Chuck Knox and Cortez Kennedy. The St. Louis Cardinals have such a display outside Busch Stadium, and walking through the statutes is a stroll down memory lane. But if it can be only one for the Seahawks, Largent definitely is the one.

Also from, Adam Rank, well, ranks the NFL’s sixth toughest names. At No. 3 is former Seahawks fullback Mack Strong. Says Rank, “Conjures up the image of a mack truck and of course, there is strong in the name. Only rivaled by Homer Simpsons’ “Max Power” name on The Simpsons. But No. 3? Whose name could be tougher than Mack Strong? Find out here.

The funeral for Ron Springs, the late father of former Seahawks cornerback Shawn, was held Thursday and Calvin Watkins of has the details. The elder Springs, who died of a heart attack last week after a long illness, was remembered as a fun and friendly guy. As Shawn said, “You really don’t have any choice but being a friend with my dad. He would talk to everybody.” Including reporters along the sideline when he attended practices while his son was playing for the Seahawks.

At, we continue our recaps of the team’s first 35 seasons with a look at 1984, a season that started with Curt Warner going down and out in the opener but concluded with a 12-4 record that remained a franchise best until 2005.

We also offer a poll to determine if you think there has been a better free-agent signing than Chad Brown – an unrestricted or restricted free agent. With 325 votes cast, wide receiver Bobby Engram (78) leads Brown (68). Note to those who are atwitter with your tweets: Mack Strong is not on the list because he joined the club as a college free agent – like Dave Krieg, Joe Nash, Eugene Robinson and Rufus Porter. Neither is Mike Williams, because he was a street free agent when signed last year.

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