The power of 10

Why is Kenny Mayne wearing a Seahawks No. 10 jersey in the above photo?

ESPN’s NFL-trotting correspondent and “Dancing With the Stars” contestant is going global. Mayne is working on a new project – “Wider World of Sports” – that will air this fall on the network, as well as the website. It is, of course, a play on the long-running, award-winning “Wide World of Sports” that was a Saturday afternoon “must see” on ABC from 1961-1997. It will, of course, have Mayne’s unique twist.

He already has filmed segments in England/Ireland and Brazil.

The photo is from the stop in Brazil, where No. 10 is “scared,” as Mayne put it, because of soccer superstar Ronaldinho – the Michael Jordan of futbol in his native country. Ronaldinho plays for Flamengo and the Brazilian National team and previously played for Barcelona and AC Milan. He was the FIFA World Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005.

Mayne broke out his No. 10 Jim Zorn jersey so that Ronaldinho would know the number has significance in the United States, too. Mayne was an honorable mention JC All-American QB at Wenatchee Valley Community College and backup to Randall Cunningham at UNLV. Mayne signed a free-agent contract with the Seahawks in 1982, when Zorn was the starting QB.

“He claimed he had heard of Zorn, but knew little of Largent,” Mayne said, referring to Steve Largent – the Hall of Famer who was on the receiving end of Zorn’s passes in the Seahawks’ early years.

“I didn’t ask about (Steve) Raible or Mark McGrath.”

Neither did Ronaldinho.

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