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Cyber surfing: May 19

Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” today about the Seahawks:

Mike Sando of looks at the uphill fight facing West Coast teams in dealing with 10 a.m. games – body time. The Seahawks are scheduled for five early starts this season, while the NFC West rivals San Francisco 49ers also have five. Sando provides the records for West Coast teams in 10 a.m. starts since 2005: 49ers 6-27; Raiders 9-21; Cardinals 8-19; Seahawks 10-16; Chargers 12-11.

He also includes this telling quote from former East Coast player turned West Coast coach, the Cardinals’ Ken Whisenhunt: “From having been an East Coast team that played NFC West when I played for Atlanta, it was much easier going East to West than it is going West to East. In my opinion, for what it does to your body and getting ready to play, it is more difficult.”

Since any talk of any quarterback has been getting linked to the Seahawks in this offseason of uncertainty, we thought we might as well provide a link to Mel Kiper’s first Big Board for the 2012 NFL Draft on We can’t, however, because it’s an Insider feature and requires registration and a subscription fee. But Kiper does have three QBs in his Top 10: 1, Andrew Luck, Stanford; 5, Matt Barkley, USC; 10, Landry Jones, Oklahoma.

Kiper on Luck, who many expected who enter the draft this year: “The amazing thing about Luck, who shocked many when he opted to return to Stanford even as the likely No. 1 overall pick, is that he could conceivably come back again next year for a fifth year on The Farm. At that rate, he might be Dr. Luck by the time he takes an NFL snap.”

On the labor front, Mike Silver of provides some reasons for optimism for NFLPA executive director DeMaurice Smith and the players, despite the favorable ruling this week for the owners.

Speaking of the work stoppage, and quarterbacks, Clark Judge at lists the Seahawks among the teams hit hardest by the lockout – because of their QB situation. Fortunately for the Seahawks, the division rival 49ers and Cardinals also made Judge’s list.

Offers Judge: “The Seahawks would like to make a commitment to somebody, but good luck in this environment. They’re waiting for the courts to deadlock this stalemate, just like the rest of us. Except most of us know what we’re doing this fall and how we’re doing it.”

Coach Pete Carroll made a similar statement during his presentation to the regional APSE meeting last week – but not because of the team’s QB situation. Carroll said the lack of OTAs and minicamps will affect the Seahawks as much as the team’s switching to new coaches and/or quarterbacks because they’re moving to a new approach on offense – especially in the running game – with the additions of coordinator Darrell Bevell and line coach Tom Cable.

At, we continue our series of articles profiling the members of the 35th Anniversary team. The latest is linebacker Chad Brown. We’ve also got a poll, where you can vote on the most impressive three-feat in franchise history. Check it out, and cast your vote.

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