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Good morning. Here’s what’s “out there” about the Seahawks – although most of the NFL news deals with the latest on the labor front:

Clark Judge and Mike Freeman of see the ruling for a permanent stay of the lockout by the owners as a white flag-waving decision for the players.

Says Judge: “Meaning? Meaning the NFL just pulled a rabbit out of its hat. I know, a decision won’t be forthcoming until mid-to-late June, but the drama that was supposed to exist then won’t – not after what the court just did. And what it did was not only grant the league its motion to continue a two-month lockout; it delivered the NFL a triumph so decisive it could force players into retreat.”

Offers Freeman: “The text from one member of the former union was succinct: ‘We’ve lost. It’s probably over. We got our (rears) kicked.’ ”

The NFLPA sent out this response: “The NFL’s request for a stay of the lockout that was granted today means no football. The players are in mediation and are working to try to save the 2011 season. The court will hear the full appeal on June 3.”

The two sides have another round of mediation scheduled for today.

Drew Bledsoe is heading to the Patriots Hall of Fame. What does that have to do with the Seahawks? Well, if you remember the 1993 NFL Draft, when the QB from Washington State was the first pick overall, you’ll also remember that the Seahawks took Notre Dame QB Rick Mirer with the second selection in the first round – after they were convinced that Mirer would be just as good an NFL quarterback as Bledsoe. Here’s the Boston Globe report on Bledsoe’s reaction to being elected by fans.

Before Sherman Smith got into coaching in college and later the NFL, the Seahawks’ original running back who now coaches the position for the team taught for five years at Redmond Junior High School. He shared his experiences with a group of teachers being honored in the Heroes in the Classroom program, which you can read in this report from

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