A new CD, and a cutie

Craig Terrill’s appearance at the Kirkland Performance Center on Saturday turned into a release party for his second CD, “Genuine,” because the discs just arrived in the mail on Friday.

The Seahawks’ defensive tackle also was upstaged by his daughter, Journey, at one point during the high-energy performance with his band. Spotting her in the audience, Terrill waved. Journey then said, “Daddy, I want to see you.”

As the laughter subsided, Terrill said, “Sorry, sweetie, Daddy’s working. And work is hard to come by right now for a football player.”

Terrill obviously is maintaining his sense of humor during the NFL’s work stoppage. Saturday night’s show was the first in what he has labeled his “Rock-out while they Lockout” tour.

Terrill and his band – Mike Mattingly (guitar), Mark Mattingly (drums), Rick Lovrovich (bass), Jay Kenney (keyboards) and Scotty Harris (saxophone) – featured a lot of the material from the new CD. You can sample and buy it here.

But Terrill also paid homage to those who obviously shaped his style and honed his musical ear, including covers of Van Morrison’s “Domino,” Eric Clapton’s “Bell Bottom Blues” and Bruce Springsteen’s “Spirit in the Night.”

The drummer in Morrison’s band when “Domino” was recorded in 1970 was on hand – as the drummer for the opening act, Kara Grainger. On “Bell Bottom Blues,” the part of Guitar God was filled nicely by Mike Mattingly’s solos. The highlight of a spirited “Spirit in the Night” was Terrill on his knees at the front of the stage squeezing every ounce of Boss-ness from the anthem.

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