Goodell: Negotiation, not litigation

Listen to the complete conference call here (approximately 35 minutes):

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell remains convinced that negotiation, and not litigation, is the best way to resolve the league’s work stoppage that is prevented players from working out at team facilities and delaying the start of offseason programs and free agency.

Goodell made that comment – among many others – today while answering questions from Seahawks season-ticket holders in a Fan Forum that attracted more than 1,500 callers.

“There’s not enough negotiation, there’s too much litigation right now,” Goodell said. “I am a firm believer that ultimately this will get resolved through negotiation and by the parties reaching agreement, and not through the courts.

“The sooner we get back to the negotiation table the better for everybody – most particularly our fans.”

Goodell said he is headed to Minnesota early next week for a couple days of mediation, as the fate of the work stoppage remains in the hands of the courts.

The commission also said that if the work stoppage drags on it is not in the league’s plans to field teams of replacement players, as was the case during the 1987 players’ strike, and that cancelling regular-season games is a last resort as far as the NFL is concerned.

We’ll have more on Goodell’s comments to fans’ questions later.

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