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Good morning, and welcome to a new addition to – a daily roundup of what’s out there about the team.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times provides a recap of the palm-tree-in-a-windstorm speculation this offseason about whether or not the Seahawks will re-sign veteran quarterback Matt Hasselbeck when the free agency period begins.

While some have had Hasselbeck gone because the team did not re-sign him before the work stoppage began, others have him heading back to the team he has quarterbacked the past 10 seasons. Some have even offered both alternatives at one point or another. Check out Danny’s recap of – and take on – the situation.

John Clayton of examines the “Final Eight” plan in free agency, and how it could impact the Seahawks – who potentially moved into that situation with their wild-card playoff victory over the defending Super Bowl champion New Orleans Saints.

Pat Ruel, the Seahawks’ assistant offensive line coach, will appear Saturday in Port Townsend to support the Jefferson County Memorial Athletic Field. You can read about that here.

Pete Prisco at re-grades the 2008 NFL Draft, and lowers the original B-minus he gave the Seahawks to a D. offers a debate about where Eagles QB Kevin Kolb could end up – if the Eagles decide to trade him, and when trades are allowed in this offseason of uncertainty. The Seahawks, of course, are among the teams mentioned.

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