New coaches, same philosophy

The Seahawks have a new offensive coordinator in Darrell Bevell and a new offensive line coach/assistant head coach in Tom Cable, but don’t expect wholesale changes in the team’s philosophical approach.

Pete Carroll isn’t.

“Philosophy doesn’t change, it really doesn’t,” the team’s second-year coach said today during a 40-minute Q&A session with reporters to preview this week’s NFL Draft.

“What we’ve been able to do by getting Tom and Darrell to come in here is really, I think, point toward the philosophy that we’ve been trying to create. We didn’t get there fully last year. We wanted to run the ball better than we did and we wanted to be more effective up front.”

So if there is a change, it will be in how well the coaches teach and the players execute the offense after the Seahawks ranked 28th overall and 31st in rushing offense last season.

“I feel like Tom’s addition is going to be really instrumental in what we’re doing and what we’re trying to get done,” Carroll said of Cable, who comes to the Seahawks after spending the past four seasons with the Raiders – the last 2¾ as head coach.

“We see eye-to-eye in what’s happening around the league and what’s necessary. Our approach is dead-on in what we want to get done together. So Darrell and Tom and I feel really confident that we’re going to keep moving forward. I haven’t changed my thought about it at all. I think we’re just a year further along in getting there.”

Bevell came to the Seahawks after spending the past five seasons with the Minnesota Vikings.

“It’s not going vary that much in appearance,” Carroll said. “We’re very dedicated to what we’re doing up front in the running game. Tom has been an advocate of the same style for years. So that really fits. I’m hoping we’re really going to get closer to the idea we hoped for.”

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