Have pick, will trade?

The Seahawks hold the 25th pick in the first round of the NFL Draft on April 28. But will they keep it?

In February, prior to the NFL scouting combine, general manager John Schneider said, “Quite frankly, I love moving back.”

In his Monday Morning Quarterback column on SI.com this week, Peter King said Schneider wanted to trade the 25th pick so badly he could taste it.

Later in the day, during a Q&A session with reporters who cover the team, Schneider said, “Personally, I’d like to move back. Because I have confidence in our ability in those middle rounds to do some good stuff, and have a coaching staff that a) they’re good teachers and b) they’re excited to have these guys.”

Making a move back even more appealing this year is the likelihood that the Seahawks still could get a player capable to contributing immediately even if they’re picking lower in the first round or even at the top of the second round, while adding another pick in the deal. The Seahawks are without a third-round pick.

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