Seahawks pick up extra pick

The Seahawks were awarded an additional seventh-round draft choice today when the NFL doled out 32 compensatory picks in April’s draft to 23 teams.

The Seahawks’ extra pick is the 41st in the final round, No. 241 overall.

They already had seven picks: No. 25 in the first round; No. 57 overall in the second round; as well as picks in the fourth, fifth (two), sixth and seventh rounds that will be bumped back because of the compensatory selections that were awarded today.

The Seahawks now have the 99th pick overall in the fourth round; 156th and 157th overall in the fifth round; 173rd overall in the sixth round; and Nos. 208 and 241 in the seventh round.

The only team to get a compensatory pick in the third round was the Carolina Panthers. There also were two picks awarded in the fourth (Titans and Packers) and fifth (both to the Ravens) rounds.

The full list of compensatory picks, and why they were awarded, is available here.

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