Weight just a minute

INDIANAPOLIS – The history of the NFL scouting combine is littered with stories of offensive linemen who ate themselves out of first-round grades by showing up way too heavy.

Then there’s Tyron Smith, the tackle from USC who played at 285 last season but checked in here at 307. It was “good” weight, however.

His secret? No more trips to McDonald’s.

“In college, McDonald’s – all day and every day, basically,” Smith said of his previous dietary habits.

Of getting right, he added, “I stopped eating junk food and just started eating right, and three meals a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner and having little snacks in between. I surprised myself when I hit the 300 mark, I didn’t think I’d get higher than that.”

So, he actually added weight by eating less junk food? How does that work?

“I burned it off really quickly,” he said of all those Big Mac and even bigger fries combos. “I have a very high metabolism.”

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