Confidently confident

INDIANAPOLIS – Rahim Moore might have just set a combine record for confidence.

The free safety from UCLA is generally considered a third-round prospect. But Moore isn’t buying it.

“I believe I’m a first-round talent,” Moore said today during his media interview session at Lucas Oil Stadium. “I can do it all. I believe I’m special. And I mean that in the most humble way.”

Last year, a friend showed Moore a publication that rated him a fourth-team All-Pac 10 player.

“I just felt embarrassed, because I felt like I was better than that,” said Moore, who is passing on his senior season at UCLA to enter the draft. “So what I did was, I went back to the basics. I studied a lot of my freshman film. What I did was, I just got better.

“I also turned to people in my life to help me out to reach my goal. I told them, ‘If I want to be remembered at UCLA and be mentioned as one of the best safeties in college football, I have to have a good season.’ Fortunately I did.”

Now, he’s out to have a good combine and prove himself all over again.

“If a team drafts me,” Moore said, “they won’t have to worry about the safety position for the next 10 or 12 years.”

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