Locker embracing combine experience

INDIANAPOLIS – Jake Locker isn’t just at the NFL scouting combine, the University of Washington quarterback is a fan of the event.

“I’m a fan of this game and I always have been,” Locker said today during his podium appearance in the media room at Lucas Oil Stadium. “So to be a part of this process that I enjoyed watching so much as a kid, it’s a cool opportunity and one that I’m not trying to let slip through my hands; that I’m trying to enjoy and have fun with it.

“There are a lot of people I think that would like to be in this position, so I don’t want to dread it or make it seem like it’s something I have to do.”

Later, in the hallway, I asked Locker if being at the combine was a good as he anticipated while watching it on TV.

“It’s awesome,” he said. “It’s a privilege to be a part of it. It is something I’ve watched for all these years. I’m very honored to be here and be able to share the experience with all these guys.”

Locker is such a good athlete that he was drafted by the California Angels, prompting some speculation that he might return to baseball if there is a prolonged lockout in the NFL this year.

He put that to rest, offering, “I’m a football player. That’s what my focus has been. I’ve been honest and upfront with (the Angels) about that. Football is where my heart is. I love the game. I love playing the game. As long as I have an opportunity to play football I’m going to.”

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