Calm, yet still working

The dog days of the offseason have settled in at Virginia Mason Athletic Center, and even though the 2010 season is merely a memory and the 2011 campaign is more than six months away, the daily activity doesn’t grind to a halt.

Far from it, in fact.

The Seahawks engine continues to purr through the quietest days of the football calendar, everywhere from the weight room to the film room and beyond. Check out what goes on in the various departments around team headquarters during this time of the year:

  • Weight room: Although strength coaches aren’t permitted to direct strength and conditioning sessions, they are on hand to monitor for safety and watch over the voluntary player workouts. “A bunch of guys have been coming in routinely to get their work in,” head strength coach Chris Carlisle said. “They’ve got great attitudes, they’re excited and they’re looking forward to next season already.”
  • Equipment department: The slow weeks following the season allow the equipment staffers to take an inventory of all the gear, place orders for the coming season and take care of cleaning and organizing that doesn’t get done during the hectic months of the fall.
  • Athletic training room: Team athletic trainers assist players with rehab sessions, minor treatments and various other post-surgery activities during the down time of the winter.
  • Video: The work doesn’t slow down much for the Seahawks video department. The staffers are churning out cut-ups of college prospects for the personnel department and 2010 NFL cut-ups for the coaches’ offseason work. Also, they’re preparing for a 10-day stay in Indianapolis for the Combine by getting the cameras and editing equipment ready for the trip.
  • Personnel department: Scouts and team executives will have logged 12-hour days in the draft room for two consecutive weeks by the time they leave for the Combine on Tuesday as they watch film of college players in preparation for the Combine and Draft.
  • Coaching staff: With several new additions to the staff, the coaches are using this time to get on the same page — literally. The offensive and defensive playbooks are being adjusted and remodeled to take into account the ideas of the new coaches so they’ll be ready for distribution to the players when offseason work officially begins.

The indoor practice facility at Virginia Mason Athletic Center sits empty nowadays, although the rest of the building is keeping busy with various offseason duties.

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