Seahawks really were ‘special’

Rick Gosselin’s annual rankings of the league’s special-teams units for the Dallas Morning News proved something that was apparent all season: The Seahawks were among the best in the NFL.

The Seahawks finished in a tie for fourth with the Bears and Raiders (280 points), behind the Patriots (269), Titans (274) and Browns (277).

The rankings, which were published Sunday, are based on 22 special-teams categories.

The Seahawks led the league in one category with four blocked kicks – three field goals by Craig Terrill and a punt by Kennard Cox. The Seahawks also got three kickoff returns for touchdowns from Leon Washington; while ranking third in average starting position after kickoffs (30.2-yard line) and fifth in average starting position covering kickoffs (24.6-yard line).

You can view the rankings here, but might need to register first.

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