Memorable playoff moment – Jennings

Kelly Jennings was on the field for a play that readers of voted the best of the just-completed decade. It’s just that Jennings had a completely different take – and view – of Jordan Babineaux running down Cowboys QB/holder Tony Romo after a botched field goal attempt to ice the 2006 wild-card win over Dallas at Qwest Field.

Jennings was a rookie cornerback that season, the team’s first-round draft choice out of Miami. Now, he is about to start his fifth postseason game as the Seahawks head to Chicago for Sunday’s divisional game against the Bears at Qwest Field.

In fact, Jennings is one of only 11 players remaining from the Seahawks’ last playoff team in 2007 – joining Babineaux, quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, cornerback Marcus Trufant, defensive tackles Craig Terrill and Brandon Mebane, offensive linemen Sean Locklear and Chris Spencer, linebackers Lofa Tatupu and Will Herring and wide receiver Ben Obomanu.

To help celebrate the Seahawks’ return to the postseason after a two-year absence, asked Jennings for his favorite playoff moment. Here’s what his view of the Romo play – or Babineaux play, if you will – looked like:

“I was actually coming to block it from the other end. If you look at some of the pictures from that play, I’m actually flying through from the other side and I almost tripped Babs. Because when I flew, he had to jump over me to go make the tackle. So I almost kind of messed that up.”

Jennings didn’t trip Babineaux, who was then able to trip up Romo – short of the goal line, and also short of what would have been a first down.

“As I landed after trying to block it, I looked up to see Babs chasing him. So I kind of had a backroom view. Because I almost knocked Babs down, my thought through the whole thing was, ‘Get him. Get him. Get him.’ ”

Babineaux did, to preserve a 21-20 victory that sent the Seahawks to a divisional game in Chicago – which the Bears won 27-24 in overtime on a field goal that the Seahawks could not find a way to prevent.

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