Planning for the future

Jeremy Young is a few steps ahead of the Seahawks.

The team’s travel coordinator was ready for this week’s Chicago trip before the Seahawks had even beaten New Orleans — and before Seattle even knew of their second-round destination based on Sunday’s Green Bay-Philadelphia game.

That’s because Young had prepared for a potential Seahawks victory and potential trips to the two second-round destinations starting more than three weeks ago. Starting in mid-December, well before the Seahawks had clinched a playoff berth, Young started making arrangements with hotels, bus companies, the airlines, walk-thru sites and other logistics in Chicago and Atlanta for this weekend.  His preparation lays the groundwork for the week of the game itself to be as smooth as possible, especially considering the short turnaround between winning and flying out.

“You still have a lot of work during the week but the biggest pieces are in motion well before the game,” Young said. “You can’t really finalize until you know where you’re going, but it helps.”

Young has even made preparations for the coming weeks’ games, in case the Seahawks continue to advance. But one question for the ultra-thorough Young, though: Does all the advanced planning stir up superstitions about the Seahawks’ play on the field?

“No question — the thought definitely crossed my mind,” Young said with a laugh. “I don’t want to jinx anything, but I don’t have that luxury. The good thing is that everyone around the league is doing the same thing if they’re in a position to make the playoffs.”

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