Memorable playoff moments – Babineaux

Versatile defensive back and special teams player Jordan Babineaux got his nickname – “Big Play Babs” – for the obvious reason. And some of his biggest plays have come in the Seahawks’ playoff games.

One of only seven players remaining from the 2005 team that made a run to the Super Bowl, Babineaux has played in eight postseason games – and No. 9 will come Saturday at Qwest Field against the New Orleans Saints. He had a 57-yard interception return for a touchdown in the 2007 wild-game win over the Redskins. He also had a game-saving tackle on a certain special teams play in the 2006 wild-card win over the Cowboys at Qwest Field that readers of voted the team’s best play of the decade.

To help celebrate the team’s return to the playoffs, asked Babineaux for his favorite playoff memory:

“Favorite playoff moment?” Babineaux said. “Can I have two?”

Of course. When you’re as versatile as Babineaux, what’s an extra memory?

“OK then,” he said. “One, of course, is you know.”

Yes, it was Babineaux somehow chasing down Cowboys QB and holder Tony Romo after he had dropped the snap on what would have been a game-winning field goal in the that 2006 game at Qwest and tripping him up just short of gain a first down. The Seahawks hung on to win 21-20.

“They were only inches short of the first down, so even after I tackled him I wasn’t sure,” Babineaux said of his big stop that came with 1:14 left to play. “When I heard the crowd erupt, I knew he hadn’t gotten the first down. Then I just went into a full sprint and just celebrated.

“When he took off running, all I could think was, ‘I’d better get him.’ Because there was no one else. He was going to walk into the end zone.”

No. 2, and what Babineaux labeled “the most memorable memory of them all,” was beating the Carolina Panthers at Qwest in 2005 to win the NFC Championship and advance to the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history.

“That was an overwhelming feeling of triumph,” Babineaux said. “I was young then. It was just so surreal. Like, ‘Wow. We’re going to the Super Bowl. Does this happen all the time?’ ”

No it doesn’t. In fact, the Seahawks won four games in 2008 and five in 2009, when their season ended after 16 games and the regular season.

“Now, we’ve got this feeling back again,” Babineaux said. “Just talking to some of the guys who were here when we were going to the playoffs consistently (2003-07), it’s good to have this feeling back.”

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