Got to get the ball

Even though it’s Wednesday instead of the usual Thursday, today is turnover day at Virginia Mason Athletic Center.

All day, the emphasis turns to taking care of the football on offense and taking away the football on defense. Coach Pete Carroll makes it such an importance because, well, wins and losses typically come down to the turnover battle. It’s clear for the Seahawks, the Saints and across the NFL.

In 2010, the Seahawks went 4-0 with a plus turnover ratio, 2-2 with an even turnover ratio and 1-7 with a minus turnover ratio. Somewhat similarly, the Saints were 4-0 in the positive, 5-0 when at even and 2-5 when in the negative.

League-wide in 2010, NFL teams with a plus or even turnover margin went 215-41, for a winning percentage of 84 percent.

“If we want to win, we’ve got to get the ball,” Carroll said during this morning’s team meeting. “Every time they snap it, it’s our ball to get.”

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