Back in primetime

Here’s an interesting nugget from Clare Farnsworth’s “Hawkville” report from Tuesday: This week’s primetime game against the Rams will be the Seahawks’ 27th appearance on Sunday Night Football.

The Seahawks are 15-11 in their previous Sunday night games, on three difference networks. They are 14-7 on ESPN, 1-3 on NBC and 0-1 on TNT. They are 13-6 at home and 2-5 on the road. They are 5-1 against the Broncos; 2-0 against the 49ers; 4-4 against the Raiders; 0-2 against the Chiefs; 1-0 against the Chargers, L.A. Rams, Vikings and Texans; and 0-1 against the Jaguars, Bears, Bucs and Saints.

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