All about the ball

Turnover Thursday affords the Seahawks the opportunity to focus on the football during meetings and practice as they aim to cut down on giveaways and increase their takeaway total.

With 27 giveaways and 20 takeaways and coming off a -5 performance on Sunday, Seattle is -7 in 2010. Atlanta, on the other hand, is quite the opposite, with a +11 turnover margin behind 24 takeaways and only 13 giveaways so far this season. The Falcons have only had three games with a negative turnover ratio, and even then, they’ve only been -1 in all of those matchups and have won two of them.

The Seahawks have one thing tilting in their favor, though. They’re +3 and have 15 takeaways in six games at Qwest Field this year, a far cry from the -10 mark in 2010 road contests.

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